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Habistat Crested Gecko Diet e REPASHY: il must dell'alimentazione per rettili frugivori/vegetariani/insettivori. Alimenti completi o integratori in polvere, semplici da preparare e comodi. Perchè non provarli? ;) 

  • Food

    Habistat Crested Gecko Diet, REPASHY, Arcadia Earthpro, The Pet Factory.. here you can find the best brands for your reptiles nourishment.

  • Calcium and supplements

    Calcium, calcium + D3 or multivitamin supplements are essential in many exotic species diet and a panacea for others. On Herp Italia, you will find the best supplements and the most popular brands in the exotic animals world.

  • Habistat - Arcadia

    Dried foods, supplements, vitamins: all the Habistat and Arcadia Earthpro foods for your animal's correct nourishment!

  • Repashy Superfoods

    Repashy is a leader in the market of reptiles foods. On Herp Italia, you will find the whole reptile range of Repashy superfoods and supplements, really simple and fast to use.

  • Feeder insects...

    Feeding your insects correctly is essential for them to acquire a proper nutritional value: well-fed and hydrated insects mean healthy animals without deficiencies. We offer you a range of the best products that will help you to have top Feeder insects!

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