LED lamps to illuminate your terrariums, spots to warm your animals by creating "basking points", compact or linear UVB neon lights, mercury vapor, and metal halide lamps: a complete range of lighting and heating.

  • Compact lamps and...

    On Herp Italia you can find UVB and UVA emission lamps for your terrariums: compact lamps, fluorescent tubes T8 and T5 in any wattage and lenghtness with their whole accessories range, of the best brands of the exotic animal's world. 

  • Basking spot lamps

    SPOT lamps are used to provide a basking point for the reptiles that need it: only with the right heat, they'll be in grade to have a correct vitamin D3 synthesis! We offer you every wattage and size spot lamps, even complete with UVA and UVB rays!

  • Red light lamps
  • Caramic - Infrared Lamps

    Ceramic and Infrared heating lamps are useful to simulate the natural heat without emitting light and to heat terrariums and vivariums even at night. They increase the air temperature respecting the natural photoperiods of your animals.

  • LED lamps

    Our LED lamps will help you manage the lighting in your terrarium. Choose from our wide range, including automatic systems, to reproduce sunrise, sunset, night and daylight and give your terrarium and your animals a correct photoperiod;)

  • Lamp accessories and...
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