Reaching the right temperatures is one of the fundamental elements for captive breeding's success: here you will find mats and heating cables, infrared lamps, radiant panels, ceramic lamps and halogen spots of every type and size, to help you recreate the perfect thermal gradient for the species you breed.

  • Heating mats

    Heating mats are suitable for heating a terrarium/vivarium from below, laterally or from above when applied to the ceiling. We have them available in every size, to meet all your needs, and even the "High Power" Heating mats with a doubled wattage! We always suggest using a thermostat to always control the temperatures in the best way.

  • Heating cables
  • Ceramic/Infrared Lamps
  • Radiant Panels

    Radiant Panels are an excellent heating source. They are suitable as a supplement to heat the air in large terrariums (they must be applied to the ceiling!), To provide a night-time heating that does not emit light or for those purely arboreal species that are used to receiving heat from above in nature.

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