Dens, bowls, tweezers & forceps, hooks, lamp holders and everything you need to complete your animals setups.. and your reptile-room;)

  • Thermometers/Hygrometers

    Thermometers and hygrometers are extremely important instruments, essential for breeding animal species with delicate temperatures needings. On Herp Italia you can find a range of digital thermometers and hygrometers of the best brands.

  • Lamp...

    Our range of lamp holders, specifically designed to withstand high temperatures and protect the terrarium and its guests. In this category, you will also find protective grids and EVG, specifically used for the HID lamps.

  • Dens and Bowls

    Burrows and bowls: essential for your terrariums. We offer you every shape and size, to fit with your terrariums and rack systems design.

  • Terrarium decorations

    Plants, branches, roots, leaves and all the natural substrates that make your terrarium look amazing! 

  • Tweezers, Hooks & Co.

    Tweezers, forceps, hooks never miss in a respectable reptile room! ;) To meet all your needs, we offer a wide range of them! You will also find gloves, mouth opener, pinky pump and much more: everything that will allow you to better manage your animals and feel ready in any eventuality.

  • Incubation and Transport

    Everything you need to prepare your home-made incubator and for a perfect incubation of your eggs. Plus, you can find Heat packs and polystyrene containers to carry your animals in the safest way!

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