ExoTerra ceramic corner cave
  • ExoTerra ceramic corner cave
  • ExoTerra ceramic corner cave
  • ExoTerra ceramic corner cave

ExoTerra ceramic corner cave


Latest availability in the LARGE version of the beautiful ExoTerra corner dens. Measures:

  • Total dimensions: 21x17x11.5h cm;
  • 6.5x4cm entry hole;
  • Upper bowl: 11cm (triangular), 5cm depth and 150ml capacity.
  • Thanks to the weight of the ceramic, the cave weighs almost 500 grams, making it stable and not easily moved by your animals.

Size: Large
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The Exo Terra corner cave is adaptable to any terrarium. Do you have a small Heterodon nasicus snake? You can place it on the aspen and with this den you can offer your friend protection and a bowl of water. Do you want to use it as a moist hideout for your leopard gecko, Eublepharis macularius? Add some moss or sphagnum moss, moisten it and the ceramic the cave is made of will help keep it that way for a long time!
Do you have a Ranoidea caerulea? Thanks to the upper tray integrated into the cave you will not have to worry that your amphibian could somehow tip it over and injure itself.

Main features:

  • Provides a safe hiding place;
  • usable in both arid and humid terrariums;
  • Space-saving design, fits perfectly in the corner of your terrarium
  • Helps prevent stress and aids the shedding process
  • It will be easy for you to maintain a humid microclimate as it is made of ceramic;
  • Provides an ideal bedding for egg laying;
  • Reduces temperature and humidity fluctuations;
  • Create a three-dimensional living space;
  • Perfect for reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates;

Thanks to its natural appearance reminiscent of gray stones, it integrates into any type of terrarium!


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