Heating Cable 3,5mt 15W
  • Heating Cable 3,5mt 15W

Heating Cable 3,5mt 15W


MaggieRep heating cable 3.5 meters long, 15W.

  • Non-heating portion 95cm approx.
  • Tip diameter: 6.5mm
  • Cable diameter: 4mm
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The MaggieRep WIRE HEATER heating cable allows you to locate heat where it is needed. Ideal for use under terrariums to heat specific bottom points or in rearing racks to heat multiple points. It is flexible, waterproof and resistant, suitable for both professionals and enthusiasts.

The heating cables are an excellent solution for heating incubators, showcases and racks of animals used to receiving heat from below: they can be inserted into special grooves to heat various floors of a rack system with a single cable, or "modelled" to form more and less narrow loops to recreate an ideal thermal gradient inside a terrarium. They are resistant to humidity.

It is advisable to prevent the animal from coming into direct contact with the cable by insulating its housing with a false bottom and to adjust the temperature emitted with the aid of an on/off or pulse thermometer, for greater precision.