Raised Rocks
  • Raised Rocks
  • Raised Rocks
  • Raised Rocks
  • Raised Rocks
  • Raised Rocks
  • Raised Rocks
  • Raised Rocks

Raised Rocks 29x17x11h cm


Faux Stone Bridge Decoration:

  • Made with safe materials;
  • Non-toxic resin suitable for terrariums and aquariums;
  • Easy-to-clean one-piece design;
  • It does not release substances into the water, it does not pollute;
  • Easy to integrate into any terrarium or aquarium;
  • Resistant over time;
  • Hideouts reduce stress on pets;
  • The realistic appearance creates a natural-looking habitat.

Available in two colors:

  • Red/brown rock with moss;
  • Gray rock with moss.
Modello: Marrone, 29x17x11h cm

Decoration made of non-toxic resin suitable for terrariums and aquariums; in the aquarium it will not affect the biological balance, it is in fact suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

It is advisable to rinse it with warm water, both before placing it in both the terrarium and the aquarium, do not use soap, general detergents or other detergents (e.g. hydrogen peroxide, thinner, turpentine), because any residues must absolutely not enter the aquarium !

  • The decoration is suitable for small ornamental fish, shrimp and the like to allow your little friends to explore, play and hide!
  • In the terrarium it provides a practical den or bridge to increase your animal's walking space.
  • A natural touch for your nativity scene;
  • Or a realistic but light decoration for your bonsai rock gardens.

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