LED anionic bulb 1W
  • LED anionic bulb 1W

LED anionic bulb 1W


Improve the air quality inside the terrarium, simply screw it on and turn it on for clean, fresh and healthy air.

Helps stabilize the nervous system by removing the circulation of harmful germs from the air, reducing airborne infections.

The ion bulb helps neutralize many allergens and viruses in the air, improving the quality of the air and improving the life of your pet.


How does an anion light bulb work? it means that it emits anions or negative ions, ions are electrically charged molecular entities, which, diffusing in the air, come into contact with impurity particles which charge them electrically, making the air cleaner. (example air after storm)
Salt lamps, by emitting negative ions (anions) which spread into the air, compensate for the deficiencies caused by daily activities and therefore represent an excellent solution for rebalancing these imbalances. When microparticles of impurities, such as pollen, smog and smoke, come into contact with negative ions, they become electrically charged, making the air cleaner.

The effect is comparable to what occurs near waterfalls, high in the mountains or after a strong storm: it is well known that these phenomena generate energy that negatively charges the surrounding air. This is why, immediately after a storm, you breathe pure air and feel regenerated.

Negative ions give us a pleasant feeling of well-being, improve concentration, increase attention and productivity and stimulate the immune system. Furthermore, they facilitate breathing, improve the state of the mucous membranes, bronchi and the respiratory tract in general.
These bulbs will make the air in your terrarium cleaner.


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