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Wood granulated ULTRA CHIPSI
  • Wood granulated ULTRA CHIPSI
  • Wood granulated ULTRA CHIPSI

Wood granulated ULTRA CHIPSI


Chipsi Ultra is a litter for rodents made from deresinified softwood of spruce and silver fir.

  • Chipsi Ultra is a high performance bedding and for this reason it can stay in the cage for a long time.
  • Thanks to the natural vegetable fibers it is lighter than a common litter.

The special production process makes Chipsi a litter with unmistakable characteristics:

  • through the mechanical pre-treatment the capillaries of the softwood granulate are activated, in order to obtain greater homogeneity
  • in heating and drying, dedusting takes place, during which the material is, in fact, deprived of dust.

The rodent litter is ultra absorbent and has excellent odor trapping power. The capillary structure of the vegetable fiber is in fact able to trap odors effectively and for a long time, leaving your friend's cage dry and clean, while the air will remain almost totally odourless.
It will therefore be necessary to regularly eliminate the dirty litter and, where necessary, redistribute a few handfuls of new litter .. and in the event of strong and persistent bad smells, completely eliminate the litter and redistribute new one. Chipsi Ultra is compostable and completely biodegradable.

Tips for using Chipsi Ultra litter:
distribute a uniform layer about 3 cm high, due to the structure, the granulate tends to fray, thus forming a soft and comfortable surface for your pet.


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