Fibra di cocco pressata
  • Fibra di cocco pressata

Coco fiber brick


Fine-grained coconut fiber pressed in blocks of approx. 650g and 5kg

(Weight may vary based on ambient humidity)

By immersing them in hot water (approximately 6 liters for the 650g block) it expands up to 8 times its initial volume.

Peso: 5kg

Coconut fiber is one of the favorite substrates in the field of exotic animals and beyond.

Its absorbency and the ability to raise the humidity rate inside your terrariums/paludariums combined with complete digestibility in case of accidental ingestion, make it a safe, simple and economical substrate, also pleasing to the eye as it has a completely natural appearance .

Coconut fiber is also one of the most practical and efficient substrates on which to grow: it is light, well aerated and oxygenated, has excellent drainage, a stable pH, retains humidity, is ecological and recyclable.


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