Reptizoo natural cork background
  • Reptizoo natural cork background

Sfondo di sughero naturale REPTIZOO


Reptizoo Natural Cork Bark backgrounds

2cm thick sheets of natural cork bark that has been compressed into a flat background for terrariums;

  • Processed and dried at high temperatures;
  • Suitable for both hot and humid climate terrariums;
  • Designed for Reptizoo habitats and terrariums but adaptable to any terrarium

Background size Terrarium size:

Dimensione sfondo Dimensione Terrario
190x173x20mm 200x200mm
190x273x20mm 200x300mm
285x280x20mm 300x320mm
285x410x20mm 300x450mm
290x123x20mm 300x150mm
290x173x20mm 300x200mm
290x273x20mm 300x300mm
435x560x20mm 450x600mm
488x227x20mm 500x250mm
585x410x20mm 600x450mm
585x560x20mm 600x600mm
Size: 19 x 17,3 cm

In addition to improving their aesthetics, cork terrarium backgrounds are great holds that your animals (or plants!) can climb on. The backgrounds are also perfect for hanging other decorations or equipment in smooth-walled terrariums. Cork bark is always appreciated and can never be missing in the reptiles-room of a self-respecting terrarist.

These backgrounds are versatile and are also perfect as a support or raft of plants and orchids, or even for setting up your nativity scenes. The cork barks with which they are made are completely natural, raw and not chemically treated.


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