Lampada SPOT 28W Solar Raptor
  • Lampada SPOT 28W Solar Raptor

Basking spotlamp Solar Raptor Basic Light

  • Solar Raptor Basic Light Spot lamp
  • Perfect to recreate a basking spot for your reptiles
  • Perfect for chameleons, gekos, bearded dragon, iguanas and other reptiles
  • used in tandem with a UVB lamp it meets the needs of diurnal reptiles

  • Dimensions: 60x98h mm
  • 220-240 Volt 50-60Hz
Wattaggio: 42w

Heating lamps are an excellent source of light and heat for the basking point for many diurnal reptiles. The terrarium set-up can be completed by UVB lamps to cover the spectrum of light and rays essential for the correct breeding of the reptiles housed.

We recommend the use of spot lamps for a daily duration limited to the natural solar one. Should the temperature of the terrarium be kept higher than the ambient temperature, it is possible to resort to the use of ceramic lamps - not bright - for the moments when the spots are turned off.

We recommend isolating the lamp with an adequate grid so that it cannot be reached by the terrarium host and the use of ceramic lamp holders suitable for housing lamps that reach high temperatures.


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White SPOT Lamp

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