ReptiZoo daylight lamp
  • ReptiZoo daylight lamp
  • ReptiZoo daylight lamp
  • ReptiZoo daylight lamp
  • ReptiZoo daylight lamp

ReptiZoo daylight lamp


ReptiZoo halogen daylight lamp

  • Lamp for replacement of the day spectrum,
  • The concentrated beam increases the temperature,
  • Explosion-proof, waterproof, anti-fog,
  • Generates UVA rays and promotes the normal activities of the animal,
  • Create a heating area,
  • Helps digestion,
  • The special reflector provides optimal illumination for shaded areas,
  • A greater light emission (Lux) allows you to keep the bulb at a greater distance between the animal and the spotlight itself,
  • Low energy consumption, the lifespan is three times longer than the old generation spotlights.
Wattaggio: 100w

The halogen lamp of the highest quality, which combines UVA radiation, heat and optimal lighting, ideal for hobby applications in the breeding of terrarium animals and birds. They emit much more heat while consuming less electricity than regular heating bulbs.

A small halogen lamp specially designed for breeding in terrariums. The range of light beams emitted, including UVs, has been selected to reflect natural sunlight (waves 320-400 nm). In addition, visible light reproduces natural daylight.

Thick, sealed walls allow you to direct 100% of the power in one direction, so that there are differences in temperature in different places in the case, giving the reptile a choice.

UV radiation stimulates the synthesis of vitamin D3, stimulates appetite, helps to recognize the environment and sexual partners, helps to search for food and increases the vitality and activity of the animal.


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White SPOT Lamp

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