Spare bowls LP Racks
  • Spare bowls LP Racks
  • Spare bowls LP Racks
  • Spare bowls LP Racks

Spare bowls LP Racks


Transparent disposable bowls for LP Racks anti-tip bases

  • Diameter of the bowl LARGE ø 10,8cm
  • Bowl diameter ø SMALL 6,6cm

For each unit we mean 10 pieces!

Size: Small

The LP Racks disposable bowls are spare parts of the right size to be inserted into the LP Racks anti-tip bases. These bowls, simple and performing, will make water/food changes much simpler and faster. The bases are made of plastic material and their slightly flared shape (13.6cm in diameter at the bottom, about 11cm at the top) prevents them from tipping over. The transparent plastic disposable bowls are sized to fit perfectly inside the bases and can be removed by simply lifting them. They can be washed and reused or replaced with a new bowl if necessary.


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