• Arcadia


    The Arcadia brand is a leader in the production of lighting elements and accessories for exotic animals.

  • Braplast


    Braplast, non-toxic plastic containers and boxes for food use, perfect for the housing of reptiles, insects and other small animals.

  • Exo Terra

    Exo Terra

    Exo Terra is a well-known company in the field of exotic animals: it produces naturalistic terrariums, accessories and complements dedicated to reptiles.

  • F10 Products

    F10 Products

    F10 products are leaders in veterinary disinfection worldwide. They are widely used in enclosures, veterinary hospitals, zoos and laboratories. They can be used for a perfect disinfection of environments and hard surfaces, cages, kennels, terrariums, quarantines. They have a broad bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and spore spectrum.

  • Habistat


    Habistat, a leading British company in the production of analog and digital thermostats, heating mats and accessories for terrarium products; now on the market with the new line of Habistat Crested Gecko Diet powdered foods.

  • Herpcare


    Herpcare is an innovative Italian company that produces and distributes high quality accessories for the breeding and management of exotic animals.

  • Herptek


    The French company Herptek produces top quality polyurethane terrariums: we at Herp Italia are its distributors exclusively for Italy.

  • JRS Pharma

    JRS Pharma

    JRS Pharma is a leading German company in the production of substrates for large and small animals: Tierwohl Classic, Tierwohl Super, Carefresh, Chipsi Snake, Chipsi Extra, Lignocel, Arbocel, are just some of the substrates produced, widely used in professional breeding .

  • LP Racks

    LP Racks

    LP Racks is a Danish company widely established in the field of exotic animals for the production of rack systems and professional displays, heating mats, disposable bowls.

  • Lucky Reptile

    Lucky Reptile

    Lucky Reptile is an internationally renowned German company specializing in the import-export of equipment for the breeding and care of exotic animals. Terrariums, lighting, measurement, humidifiers, filters and much more.

  • MaggieRep


    MaggieRep is a leading Italian company in the production of articles and accessories for exotic animals, subtly designed to be of excellent quality and to have the maximum yield.

  • Repashy Superfoods

    Repashy Superfoods

    The American company Repashy Superfoods produces substitute foods and powdered supplements for various species of reptiles, insects and fish. Easy to use and highly palatable.

  • Solar Raptor

    Solar Raptor

    Solar Raptor is a leading company in the production of mercury vapor, metal halide lamps, spots and LED systems for the illumination of terrariums, aquariums, paludariums and reptiles-rooms.

  • Terra Exotica

    Terra Exotica

    Terra Exotica is a young German manufacturer and importer of terrarium products.
    Terra Exotica boasts a large catalog and a surely above average quality. Power supply, lighting, terrariums, substrates, measuring systems, terrarium furnishings and much more.

  • Zoo Med Laboratories

    Zoo Med Laboratories

    Zoo Med Laboratories has been on the cutting edge of reptile husbandry and innovation for 40 years. In 1993 Zoo Med developed the 1st UVB lamp for reptiles, which changed the way all Zoos, herpetologist, and hobbyists keep reptiles in captivity. Zoo Med currently has over 30 patents and manufactures over 50% of its 1200 item product line at company headquarters in San Luis Obispo, California.