Tana umida GC 25x17x6,5h
  • Tana umida GC 25x17x6,5h

GC Humid cave


Den with perforated lid in polypropylene for reptiles and small mammals.

Suitable for use in hot and cold areas

Measurements: 25x17x6,5h

Colore: Bianco

GC dens are polypropylene dens MADE ENTIRELY IN ITALY with FIRST CHOICE materials (not regenerated!)

Their design makes them perfect inside your boxes, terrariums, racks, helping you to respect the needs of your animals.

They are also very easy to clean and safe, with rounded corners.

The humid den is particularly suitable for depositions or for those animals that may prefer to stay in a place with more or less high humidity (for example, filling it with peat or coconut fiber or damp sphagnum moss or sand!)

We recommend the use of several dens arranged in different points of the terrarium, even with different thermal gradients.


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