Nekton-Rep Pure Calcium PLUS
  • Nekton-Rep Pure Calcium PLUS
  • Nekton-Rep Pure Calcium PLUS
  • Nekton-Rep Pure Calcium PLUS
  • Nekton-Rep Pure Calcium PLUS
  • Nekton-Rep Pure Calcium PLUS
  • Nekton-Rep Pure Calcium PLUS

Nekton-Rep Pure Calcium PLUS


NEKTON-Rep Calcium Pur plus ha una composizione di:

  • Carbonato di calcio, carbonato di magnesio

Componenti analitici:

  • Ca 38%, Mg 0,022%, Na 0,03%

Additivi nutrizionali per kg:

  • 500 mg di ferro (solfato di ferro(II), monoidrato),
  • 492 mg di zinco (solfato di zinco, monoidrato),
  • 250 mg di manganese (solfato di manganese(II), monoidrato),
  • 145 mg di rame (rame(II) - solfato, pentaidrato),
  • 20 mg di iodio (iodato di calcio, anidro),
  • 16 mg di selenio (selenito di sodio)
Peso: 30gr

Information about the product "NEKTON-Rep-Calcium-Pur plus" not to be confused with the product "NEKTON-Rep-Calcium-Pur"

NEKTON Rep Calcium Pur+ is a calcium preparation with minerals, enriched with trace elements but without vitamin D3 to prevent and compensate for calcium deficiency and its secondary diseases. Supports the development and maintenance of the skeleton and promotes a healthy metabolism. NEKTON-Rep-Calcium-Pur+ does not contain vitamin D3 and was specially developed for animals that receive sufficient UVB light or free-living animals with sufficient sun exposure (approx. 10 hours).
Reptiles and amphibians need less food than mammals because they have relatively low energy needs. It is therefore more important that the food contains all the necessary nutrients, this also includes minerals and trace elements.
One of the most important supplements is calcium, which is very important not only for egg shell and bone formation, but also for other vital processes (such as muscle contractions). Especially female and growing animals have a greater need for calcium and by administering 0.25 g of NEKTON-Rep-Calcium-Pur+ per kg of body weight per day or 1.5 g once a week, you will keep your animals healthy .
Not soluble in water, in the jar you will find a measuring spoon which corresponds to 1 g of NEKTON-Rep-Calcium-Pur+.
Due to its higher trace element content than pure nekton calcium, this supplementary supplement can only be administered to straights up to 5% of the daily ration.

NEKTON-Rep-Calcium-Pur+ must be stored in a dry place, away from sunlight, at a temperature between 15°C and 25°C, but NOT in a refrigerator.

Recommendation: Disinfect drinking vessels and food containers daily with NEKTON-Desi-Care to ensure hygienic feeding!


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