Cavo riscaldante 3mt 15W
  • Cavo riscaldante 3mt 15W
  • Cavo riscaldante 3mt 15W

Heating Cable Terra Exotica

  • A perfect heating system for terrariums and rack systems
  • Possibility of modeling them to recreate a correct thermal gradient
  • Available in various lengths to fit all the terrariums
Lunghezza: 3 m 15W

Wattage Heated Part Electric-only portion length
(starting from the plug)
Total Lenght
15W 2,25m 0,75m 3m
50W 5,25m 0,75m 6m
80W 8,25m 0,75m 9m
100W 11m 1m 12m
150W 15,45m 0,45m 16m

The diameter of the tip of the heating cable is approximately 6.5mm. The diameter of the heating wire is about 4mm.

The heating cables are an excellent solution for heating your terrarium, but also display cases and racks of animals used to receiving heat from below and incubators: they can be inserted into special grooves to heat various floors of a rack system with a single cable, or "modelled" to form more and less narrow loops to recreate an ideal thermal gradient inside a terrarium. They are resistant to humidity.

It is advisable to prevent the animal from coming into direct contact with the cable by insulating its housing with a false bottom and to adjust the temperature emitted with the aid of an on/off or pulse thermostat, for greater precision.


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