Cavo riscaldante 3mt 15W
  • Cavo riscaldante 3mt 15W
  • Cavo riscaldante 3mt 15W

Heating Cable Terra Exotica

  • A perfect heating system for terrariums and rack systems
  • Possibility of modeling them to recreate a correct thermal gradient
  • Available in various lengths to fit all the terrariums
Lunghezza: 3 m 15W

The heating cables are an excellent solution for heating your terrarium and racks for reptiles and animals that like to receive heat from below: they can be inserted into special grooves to heat various floors of a rack system with a single cable, or "modeled" to recreate an ideal thermal gradient inside a terrarium. They are resistant to moisture. It is advisable to prevent the animal from coming into direct contact with the cable by insulating its housing with a double bottom and to regulate the temperature emitted with the aid of an on / off or pulse thermostat, for greater precision.


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