Heat Wave ceramic lamp
  • Heat Wave ceramic lamp

Heat Wave ceramic lamp


White ceramic lamps, available:

  • 60W, h 11cm, diameter 9cm;
  • 100W, h 11cm, diameter 9cm;
  • 150W. h 11cm, diameter 9cm.

Suitable for all reptiles such as lizards, chelonians and snakes, but also for mammals, amphibians, birds and insects.

Wattaggio: 60w

Heat Wave lamps:

  • They emit infrared heat, very similar to that of the sun,
  • They do not emit light to respect the photoperiod (day/night) of your animals,
  • They are made of solid white ceramic,
  • They have a lifespan of more than 20,000 hours.
  • As they do not emit light they are perfect as night heating,
  • Being ceramic they are also suitable for terrariums with high humidity.

It is recommended not to touch the lamp during use and at least in the first 10 minutes after turning the lamp off.
Important! Based on their operating principle, the heat that these lamps can reach could be from plastic, various fibres, paper, etc. To avoid unpleasant inconveniences, use only with ceramic lamp holders suitable for withstanding heat and electrical power.
For the same reason, we strongly recommend the use of protective grills in order to avoid any scalding or contact burns.

The special sand-based enamel guarantees excellent heat conduction.


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