Deluxe Heat Mat Reptizoo
  • Deluxe Heat Mat Reptizoo
  • Deluxe Heat Mat Reptizoo
  • Deluxe Heat Mat Reptizoo
  • Deluxe Heat Mat Reptizoo

Deluxe Heat Mat Reptizoo


Waterproof heating mat with integrated safety system Reptizoo Deluxe Heat Mat 

  • heating mat for terrariums and racks
  • proper room heating effectively improves appetite and promotes metabolism
  • Suitable for various pets: It can also be used to warm the bottom of kennels, cushions and cages
  •  resistant to moisture, it is perfect for indoor growing
  • internal safety system that turns off the heater if the t. exceeds about 38 °
  • IPX7: waterproof anti-infiltration if in contact with water for a short time
Size: 15x25 cm 10W

Reptizoo's Deluxe Heat Mat, incorporates an intelligent temperature control clip, which automatically turns off the mat if it detects that the internal temperature exceeds 48 ? (the surface temperature will be plus or minus 38 °).

The power cable and mat are welded with an ultrasound system, this ensures that the mat reaches an IPX7 waterproofing coefficient (anti-infiltration type: the closed circuit will not be damaged in case of water infiltration for a short time) and makes them particularly suitable for heating terrariums subject to a certain humidity. They are available in 4 different sizes.

We always recommend isolating the mat from direct contact with the animal and with the water, always placing them outside the terrariums or creating a double bottom where possible to house the heating system.


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