Tappetino Riscaldante 10,2x12,7 4W Habistat Heatmat
  • Tappetino Riscaldante 10,2x12,7 4W Habistat Heatmat

Heat Strip LP Racks

  • Perfect for heating your animals' terrariums, boxes, containers, rack systems
  • They can heat terrariums both from below and from the side
  • Suitable for all the reptiles and animals that benefit from heating from the ground
  • Long wave infrared technology
  • Terminal block of the cable positioned in the long side.
Size: 15x15cm 4W

LP heatmats - EU High Quality elements.

They are heating mats entirely produced in Europe under the LP Racks brand, a well-known brand in professional terrarium. They are built with the help of the best materials, tested and approved in accordance with European legislation and the CE mark.


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