Smart Humidifier ReptiZoo
  • Smart Humidifier ReptiZoo
  • Smart Humidifier ReptiZoo
  • Smart Humidifier ReptiZoo
  • Smart Humidifier ReptiZoo
  • Smart Humidifier ReptiZoo
  • Smart Humidifier ReptiZoo

Smart Humidifier ReptiZoo


Repti-Zoo digital nebulizer with hygrostat

Modern terrarium nebulizer with integrated hygrostat and digital timer, easy to set.

  • All in one (nebulizer, programmer, hygrostat, hygrometer and thermometer)
  • To be placed outside the terrarium
  • Complete regulation and controllability
  • Easy addition of water
  • Integrated computer with LCD display
  • Controlled by buttons on the nebulizer
  • 4 liter tank

USE 2 IN 1 MODE: patented design with integrated timing. This straight line humidifier uses the principle of intermittent timing to set the spray frequency, interval time and spray duration for repeated periodic humidification. It can also detect the humidity level in terrariums and operate according to the humidity range set. The current minimum and maximum measured value, the current temperature and the current humidity value are clearly displayed on the large LED screen.

ULTRA QUIET PUMP AND ADJUSTABLE NEBULIZATION: The reptile humidifier / nebulizer works very quietly, providing a comfortable environment for your pets. The mist level can be adjusted with 100ml, 200ml, 300ml per hour and the tube can extend from 60cm to 2 meters. The suction cups in the direction to freely fix the diffusion tube.

4L TANK AND DRY PROTECTION: The large 4 liter tank straight nebulizer / humidifier allows 12 hours or more of working time at maximum mist level (300ml / hour). When the water runs out, the nebulizer turns off automatically.

TOP FILLING & EASY CLEANING: The straight humidifier lid can be removed easily for cleaning or refilling, it is easy to add water from the top instead of flipping the tank.

  • power cable length: 150 cm (EU flat plug)
  • length of the fog feed hose: 60 - 200 cm
  • cable length with probe: 200 cm
  • nebulizer dimensions: 200x162x277 mm
  • probe dimensions: 15x11x40 mm
  • maximum consumption: 23 W - maximum capacity 300 ml / h

Temperature measurement accuracy: 1 ° C

Humidity measurement accuracy: 1%

Hygrostat operating range: minimum humidity 25% maximum humidity 95%


Data sheet

EU plug

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