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F10 Odour Eliminator - Ready to use 500ml
  • F10 Odour Eliminator - Ready to use 500ml
  • F10 Odour Eliminator - Ready to use 500ml

F10 Odour Eliminator


F10 Odor Eliminator
Veterinary disinfectant ready to use with spray pump - eliminates odors 500ml
Pine scented.

Contenuto: 500 ml

The disinfectant most used by breeders, veterinarians and zoos and recommended all over the world is finally available on Herp Italia! The F10 Odor Eliminator can be used for general, effective and safe disinfection of all hard surfaces (such as tables, floors, terrariums, cages) and for accessory cleaning procedures (food and water bowls, litter trays...) . It is effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores: an excellent and easy to use product in a safe and effective way. It can also be filled into a spray bottle and sprayed into the air to kill microbes and stop cross-contamination.
Non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable.

The key active ingredients are a unique blend of quaternary ammonium and biguanide compounds, with non-toxic ampholytic and sequestering surfactants that make the final product exceptionally effective and safe even in small concentrations. A pine fragrance has been added to the "Odour Eliminator" version.
How does it work? The main components are "cellular poisons" which act on the cell membrane by breaking it and causing the loss of their essential components. The other agents in F10 aid in cell wall/spore penetration. The action of the F10, like that of other disinfectants, is influenced by the presence of dirt: we therefore recommend cleaning before use.

Herp Italia advice: F10 is the perfect product for your daily cleaning routine: it can be sprayed and left to dry after cleaning, without rinsing (obviously NOT in bowls, which must always be rinsed!). The "Odour Eliminator" version will help you fight bad smells, leaving a pleasant pine aroma.


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