IN-OUT thermo-hygrometer with probe and clock
  • IN-OUT thermo-hygrometer with probe and clock

IN-OUT thermo-hygrometer with probe and clock


Digital thermo-hygrometer IN/OUT with probe TFA

  • Indoor temperature and humidity
  • Outdoor temperature via cable sensor
  • Also for refrigerator, freezer or aquarium
  • Max-min value
  • Time

It works with 2x 1,5V batteries NOT INCLUDED


Product specification

With this functional thermo-hygrometer, you can see the room climate, outside temperature, and time at a glance.

By controlling the temperature and humidity in living areas with targeted heating and ventilation, you can create a pleasant and healthy indoor climate and even save on heating costs.

At the same time, the outdoor temperature can be measured via the cable sensor. When placed at the window, the sensor cable is simply led to the outside. The stored max-min readings are automatically reset daily or they can also be deleted manually.

The possibilities of application for the cable sensor are manifold and not limited only to the outdoor temperature. Thanks to the large measuring range, the waterproof sensor can be used also to monitor the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer or to measure the temperature of the water in the aquarium.


Room climate, outdoor temperature, and time at a glance

Indoor temperature and humidity to provide a healthy indoor climate

Outdoor temperature via waterproof sensor cable, also ideal for refrigerator, freezer, or aquarium

Maximum and minimum values with manual or auto-reset