Protective Guard for lamp holders
  • Protective Guard for lamp holders

Protective Guard for lamp holders


Protective net Reptizoo

  • in aluminum,
  • dimensions: 13.5 x 3.5 cm,
  • dimensions: 21 x 3.5 cm,
  • maximum bulb power: 200 W
  • 13,5cm suitable for VRRZRL01, VRRZRL01B e VRRZRL04D, VRRZRL04DB;
  • 21cm suitable for VRRZRL02B e VRRZRL050, VRRZRL02LB.
Size: 14 cm

Are you looking for a protective net suitable for your terrarium? Herp Italia, Reptizoo official distributor for Italy has the solution for you!

Protective net for lamp holders is the product for you!

What is this protective grille for? It is a standard solution used to prevent the access of the animal (reptile, amphibian, insect) directly to the lit bulb. You can rest assured that your beloved pet does not get burned or scalded dangerously.

Which lamp holders is the product suitable for? The safety net is universal and fits all lamp holders with a diameter of 13.8 / 14cm or 20.5 / 21cm. In particular, you can use the grids on the ReptiZoo lampholders as follows:

14cm: RL01, RL01B and RL04D, RL04DB; 21.5cm: RL02B and RL02BL.

Which bulbs can be used with this protective net?

- all compact UVB bulbs (spiral);

- all halogen up to 200W;

- all SuperSun lamps (incandescent-mercury) up to 200W;

- all heating bulbs up to 200W;

- all halogen heating up to 200W.

The basket is made entirely of a special aluminum alloy, covered in a black paint resistant to extremely high temperatures and completely waterproof, which ensures you will never rust.


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