Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bar
  • Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bar

Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bar


Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bar

  • 15W 29cm
  • 22W 47cm
  • 57cm 34W
  • 51W 87cm
  1. Full spectrum LEDs
  2. High PAR, PUR, CRI
  3. Up to 141 lumens per W
  4. Can be linked to each other (and to the Arcadia Pro T5 UVB ceiling lights!)
  5. Complete kit
  6. 6200K
  7. Ideal for lighting terrariums, paludariums, rooms.
Lunghezza: 57cm 34W

The brand new Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bars are elegant, powerful and, in addition to illuminating the rooms, they are able to supply the energy necessary for your plants to grow, thus reducing the need to use a large number of fluorescent lamps. They increase the light levels in terrariums and paludariums by stimulating the Basking activity of the animals. This intelligent lighting system uses the latest "Full-Spectrum High Output" LED diodes to project up to 141 lumens per watt. The bars can simply rest against the mesh/glass ceilings of your terrariums or be installed indoors for the best quality, energy-rich lighting.

Using high output, high spectrum LEDs, Arcadia has created an LED bar capable of projecting a large amount of light with a very high PAR value. The light emitted has a complete spectrum that imitates visible natural sunlight (6200 Kelvin) without using PAR that limits red and blue diodes: in this way the combination of Jungle Dawn bars with the Arcadia ProT5 UVB Kits is a winner with a high PAR , a high percentage of PUR, a high CRI and no unnatural purple hues.

Say goodbye to multiple sockets and power strips: the Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED bars can be easily connected to each other to form a chain of up to 10 units! They can also be connected to "Arcadia ProT5" UVB systems.

Each unit comes with a power cable with integrated switch, accessory kit for inserting the bar inside a terrarium and a "Link" cable to connect multiple units together.

Plants, in order to replace damaged cells and produce new ones to grow, need to be exposed to the correct amount of energy and to be stationed within the correct light spectrum. If we underfeed a plant we reduce its ability to create cells through photosynthesis, limiting its growth. Typically plants that lack energy will display discolored leaves and have a tendency to grow upward rapidly to be closer to a light source. Healthy plants, on the other hand, show good color, produce strong root networks, and grow at a moderate, even rate.

PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) is the measurement used to quantify and describe the amount of energy produced by a light source. PAR levels are boosted by two other elements:
1. Amount of light (lumen / lux),
2. Spectrum accuracy.

If a lamp produces light in a spectrum close to that of natural sunlight and has a large amount of lumens, it will have a high PAR level. The higher the PAR, the more energy there is to stimulate photosynthesis.


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