Contenitore 19,2x19,2x7,7h - 2000ml
  • Contenitore 19,2x19,2x7,7h - 2000ml

Container 19,2 - 2000ml


Food-grade plastic container, non-toxic, with safety closure.

Dimensions 19.2x19.2x7.7h - 2000ml


Our containers are made of plastic material designed for food use: they are odourless, non-toxic and have a safety closure. You can use them to house your animals, deliver them in containers suitable for movement or to exhibit them at trade fairs: the completely transparent lids are perfect for this purpose. They can also contain whatever you like ;)

They are also stackable: you will make the most of the space in your polystyrene boxes.

Dimensions 19.2x19.2x7.7h - 2000ml

They are not drilled