High Density Polystyrene box
  • High Density Polystyrene box

High Density Polystyrene box


HIGH DENSITY polystyrene box

40x28x27,5h - internal measure 35x23x22,5h
60x40x16,5h ??- internal measure 55x35x11,5h
60x40x22,5h - internal measure 55x35x17,5h
60x40x27,5h - internal measure 55x35x22,5h
60x40x32,5h - internal measure 55x35x27,5h

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Size: 60x40x16,5h
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Our high-density polystyrene boxes are insulated in such a way as to keep the internal temperature constant for a long time. By coupling them to a heating bag and creating any air vents, you can recreate the best transport conditions for many species of animals. They are designed for food use, therefore non-toxic and safe. They are also perfect for making "home made" incubators and hot rooms or for transporting your frozen food.


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