Reptirad Reptile Radiator
  • Reptirad Reptile Radiator
  • Reptirad Reptile Radiator
  • Reptirad Reptile Radiator

Reptirad Reptile Radiator


Advanced radiant panel - Reptile Radiator Reptirad 

  • Very thin new generation radiant panel, only 1.85 mm thick!
  • Classic galvanized steel design
  • 2m power cable with inline connection for easy installation
  • Suitable for all those animals that appreciate the warmth from above
  • Suitable for heating the air in large terrariums that struggle to maintain the temperature
  • European plug, 230V
  • Made in Italy!
Size: 40W 18,5x18,5 cm

The brand new ReptiRad Reptile Radiators are finally available: produced in Italy, studied, and designed by Retics & Reptiles UK which has selected Herp Italia as the exclusive distributor for Europe!

Radiant panels prove to be an excellent solution for all those animals that normally receive heat from above. They can also be installed in mammal or bird dens, and are very useful for heating the air in large terrariums where it is difficult to obtain acceptable temperatures, especially in winter.

The ReptiRads are available in 4 sizes and 4 different wattages, to adapt to any need:

Watt Size Recommended room sizes
40W 18,5 x 18,5cm up to 90x60x60cm 
80W 31 x 21 cm up to 180x60x60cm
125W 40 x 27 cm up to 250x60x60cm
220W 45 x 45 cm up to 250x60x60cm


The ReptiRad is to be installed overhead to deliver an optimum heat spot and ambient temperatures. 

Using the screws provided, fix to your desired area on the ceiling of the enclosure. We advise placing your ReptiRad at one end of the enclosure to ensure a natural gradient.

The ReptiRad must be used in conjunction with a thermostat to achieve optimal results and avoid overheating. The ReptiRad must not be mounted to the floor or bottom surface, this is an overhead heating source. Disconnect the in-line connection and feed the wire outside of the enclosure. Once the installation is complete connect the male and female connections and plug them into your thermostat.

Check the temperature before placing any animal into the enclosure. The ReptiRad is designed with a thickness of 18.5mm to minimize the risk of any animal wrapping or climbing onto the heating source. We recommend that you do not need a guard for the ReptiRad. If you do wish to use a guard, please see for product guidelines and measurements.

The inline connection on your ReptiRad wire must be placed outside of the enclosure.
When mounting, feed the connection wire from the ReptiRad outside of your enclosure and connect the plug wire once the ReptiRad is installed.


This unit must be used with a thermostat (not included). The in-line connection plug must not be exchanged for any other plug.

The in-line connection MUST be located outside of your enclosure. The ReptiRad is IP64 certified and can be sprayed from all angles and can withstand up to 99% humidity but is NOT to be submerged in water. This unit must not be used as an under substrate heating source or belly heat source.