Infra Red Nightlight lamp
  • Infra Red Nightlight lamp
  • Infra Red Nightlight lamp
  • Infra Red Nightlight lamp

Infra Red Nightlight lamp


Red Nightlight lamps:

  • They increase the overall air temperature in the terrarium;
  • Excellent radiant heat source;
  • They do not interrupt the normal cycle of activity;
  • Ideal for hospital patients, puppies, growing chicks.
Wattaggio: 40w

These Red Nightlight lamps emit RED light and "high wave" infrared rays and are particularly efficient at preventing diseases in reptiles and amphibians.
They are particularly effective at raising temperature and aiding in the digestion of food.
They can be used as a daytime heat source and are preferred for warming hospital patients, puppies, chicks and growing birds in general.
They are also used at night, but it is important to know that the terrarium must have correct shaded areas and dark dens so as not to annoy its hosts with the light.
Infrared radiation contributes significantly to thermoregulation and promotes the overall well-being of the animal by supporting the digestive process.

We recommend using a dimming thermostat to regulate the temperature and a protective grill if the animals are skilled climbers.


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