Black peat clod
  • Black peat clod
  • Black peat clod
  • Black peat clod

Black peat clod

The black peat clod absorbs water superficially, and swells imperceptibly, making the surface can be beautifully planted with mosses, ferns and even epiphytes using it as a raft when the pieces are hung.
Given the dimensions, 30x6x5cm, they can be sawed, drilled and even dug!
?Inserted into a tropical terrarium in just 4 months they were covered with thriving vegetation!

What is peat? It is the first level of carbonization of plant sediments that have not decomposed completely and which over time are deposited and compressed, becoming peat.
These are therefore grasses, leaves and shrubs, insects and other animals which in marshy soils, such as swamps or moors, have been completely covered by water and which in the absence of oxygen have not managed to decompose completely, the perennial layer of water on surface does not allow bacteria to break down the organic material which deposits on the ground every year and creates a compact layer millimeter after millimetre.
The peat is generally extracted by hand with a special shovel which gives it the shape of a block approximately 50cm long called turves or turfs. These strips are then stacked and left to dry in the sun during the summer period.
Once it has dried and become hard, it is stacked in piles in the open air for weeks or months.
And it is here that the blocks are divided between those that can be used in gardening or used as fuel.

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