Cat's pellet 22Kg
  • Cat's pellet 22Kg
  • Cat's pellet 22Kg
  • Cat's pellet 22Kg

Cat's pellet 22Kg


Cat's Best Universal is a universal litter for cats, birds, small animals and reptiles which is a natural organic product based on vegetable fibers extracted from the wood of the Christmas tree.

An ideal solution if several animals live in the house!

The pellet is highly absorbent, non-agglomerating, also does not contain chemical impurities and is 100% organic.

Effectively removes unpleasant odors!


No trees are cut down for the production of cat's best pellets, because it is made with PEFC certified secondary wood raw materials from the wood industry.

You can dispose of litter with the solid waste of household waste. The individual agglomerates can be disposed of in the domestic toilet, as they dissolve immediately in water. However, observe the local disposal regulations!!!


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