Egg-laying substrate for giant beetles
  • Egg-laying substrate for giant beetles
  • Egg-laying substrate for giant beetles
  • Egg-laying substrate for giant beetles

Egg-laying substrate for giant beetles


Breeding Mat The Pet Factory 3kg

  • Mixing of Organic Soil and Sand
  • Perfect for breeding and laying eggs of giant beetles.
  • The dark color allows you to immediately locate the eggs
  • Safe for burrowing females because without long fibers
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The substrate for breeding beetle larvae and for laying eggs must contain a mixture of soil and rotten wood, in a soil/wood ratio of 2 to 1. The "Breeding mat" mixture is naturally free of pesticides, fertilizers and it also includes sand.

Rotten wood is essential for the soil mix! In fact, the larvae feed only on rotten wood and the females of beetles, beetles and cockroaches do not lay their eggs in soil that does not contain it.
The mix is ??designed to maintain good humidity but for a thriving breeding it must be kept moist to the touch, check the mixture every day and spray water frequently. (If the mixture is allowed to dry out, the eggs or larvae will not survive.) The very dark color of Breeding Mat facilitates the search for eggs and larvae (generally whitish or yellowish), which should be transferred from this nutrient-poor substrate to Bettlefix 1 and 2 and Flake Soil.

Note on rotten wood: it is essential for a thriving breeding! The wood for the spawning and breeding chambers must be rotten hardwood. The wood of pine and other conifers contains chemicals that are toxic to beetles and cockroaches. The best wood, obviously, will be that which is already in an advanced state of decomposition, such as the exposed trunks found on the forest floor. Hard, dry wood, such as firewood, will not be eaten by beetles until it begins to rot, so it is best to use wood that is already rotten. Most wood collected outdoors will contain mites, ants, millipedes and other arthropods, many of which will attack the eggs or larvae, so it becomes important to prepare the wood before it is used to kill these creatures.
The process is very simple, just immerse the wood in water before use. The water level should be enough to cover the wood pieces and the wood should soak for 1 week. After soaking, freeze the wood for 1-2 weeks, if possible. Once the wood has been treated in this way, it should be broken into small pieces and mixed with the soil.


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