Substrato per Coleotteri The PET FACTORY
  • Substrato per Coleotteri The PET FACTORY
  • Substrato per Coleotteri The PET FACTORY

Substrato per Coleotteri The PET FACTORY


Substrate for Beetles, millipedes, land crabs and snails
Beetlefix, Flake Soil and Black Soil The PET FACTORY

1 liter nutrient substrate for breeding beetle larvae
Also suitable for breeding many millipedes, land crabs and snails
available in versions with decomposed white wood (Beetlefix 2), fermented beech (Beetlefix 1) and Flake soil composed of different fermented hardwoods.

Gusto: Faggio fermentato

  • Beetlefix 1 is a nutritional substrate suitable for many beetles, millipedes, land crabs, isopods, snails and snails such as Celorrina hornimani, Megasoma elephas, Megasoma actaeon, Dynastes satanas, Goliathus goliatus, Lucihormetica sp., Ophistreptus guineensis, Pelmatojulus ligulatus, Dynastes hercules lichy, Oryctes rhinoceros and many others. The optimal breeding temperature is between 20 and 26°C. Instructions for use: place at least 5 cm of substrate in your container, remembering to leave at least another 5 cm of air in the box to ensure adequate recirculation. Depending on the species, it may be necessary to occasionally top up and moisten the substrate or mix it with Beetlefix 2.
  • Beetlefix 2 is also suitable for many carnivorous invertebrates. The same guidelines apply as for Beetlefix1.
  • Flake Soil is a flake soil for giant beetle larvae. The substrate is soft and naturally retains humidity, it is reminiscent of forest floor and is a mix of "ingredients" that make it particularly suitable and appetizing for detrivores and beetles, it is in fact 100% natural, contains no additives and is made up of hardwoods fermented and then crushed into very small flakes.

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