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Chipsi Super


Tierwohl / Chipsi Super

The Tierwohl super changes packaging!
The same JRS product is now packaged under the Chipsi Super name.

  • High-quality deresinified softwood chopped substrate.
  • Totally dust free.
  • Available in 24kg and 15kg
Peso: 24kg

Tierwohl Super, now known as Chipsi Super, is a very high-quality wood granulate substrate, conceived as a horse bedding, very effective and super absorbent. Highly used in the reptiles hobby, the capillary structure of its vegetable fiber is able to trap odors effectively and for a long time, quickly absorbing liquid manure. It is suitable for use with reptiles, rodents, mammals, turtles, saurians, etc. It is totally dedusted and obtained from the deresinified softwood of German spruces and white firs.


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