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Avipur SAN

  • 100% dried and dedusted beech chip;
  • Humidity: < 10% (affects humidity. Keep in a dry place);
  • Weight: approx. 20 kg, 78 x 40 x h35 cm;
  • Volume performed: 300 litres;
  • Packed in a heat-sealed polyethylene bag;
  • Suitable as bedding for the entire poultry sector (turkeys, chickens and other birds), swine, cattle and horses. Suitable for rodents and other small mammals but is ideal for reptiles such as snakes and turtles;
  • Advantages: it guarantees a valid thermal coefficient and reduces humidity and urine odour. Resistant to trampling by large animals.

Avipur SAN is a product obtained from a careful selection of medium leaf beech shavings from which, after several passages, all the fine and coarse parts have been eliminated (sieving, suction, magnetic iron removal).
Beech wood from EU and classified (residues of hardwood without bark, not chemically treated).
The average granulometry of the product is between 2 and 15 mm for more than 90%, while the fine powders, which often cause irritation to the airways of animals, do not exceed 1% by weight.
A bale, once enlarged and aired in the environment, expands to produce a volume of about 300 litres.
The absorption capacity of liquids is approximately three times its weight and the mechanical resistance to foot traffic is of a good level.

It is a mixture of wood chips and additives with enhanced effect. Avipur San litter contains two types of substances that can increase its quality:

a mixture of non-ionic and cationic surfactants, whose main function is to significantly accelerate the absorption capacity of the wood chip, keeping it dry for longer in the surface layer of the litter, the one in contact with the animal.
a substance with a humectant and binding effect on micro particles with a diameter of less than approximately 100 microns, which decreases volatile dust, as there are fewer suspended dusts, consequently respiratory problems for the animals will be rare or minor.
The product falls within the exemption from Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP) which harmonises the use of dangerous substances at European level.


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