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Habistat Dimming High Range
  • Habistat Dimming High Range
  • Habistat Dimming High Range

Habistat Dimming High Range

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It is an analogue dimmer thermostat with probe, with an increased range from 26° to 40°C and 600w of maximum supported power, which can also be used for the regulation of heat sources such as dimmable light lamps (spots) from 40w to 600w of load maximum.

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The Dimming High Range thermostat has an increased temperature range from 26° to 40°C and uses a very accurate temperature regulation method: the power is passed to the heater in a continuous and variable manner, proportionally to the need. It is for this reason that it is suitable for regulating luminous lamps: instead of turning them on and off continuously, causing them to break (and an unpleasant effect for your animals), it will transmit variable power based on the heat required at the point where the probe, obtaining as a result an increase/decrease of the intensity of the light (and therefore of the heat).

The "Heat" indicator will reflect this behavior by lighting up more or less intensely, reflecting the amount of energy used at that moment.

The heater will rarely be turned off completely or turned on at full power and will therefore always be warm/hot rather than alternating hot and cold. This system will give your equipment a longer lasting life.


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Maximum power management
40W minimo - 600W
Metodo di regolazione

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