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Cork Tubes


Raw cork bark in tubes
Natural product, variable diameters and sizes

With the order you will receive a cork tube as close as possible to the chosen range.
All pieces are different!

Diametro: 20-30cm
Lunghezza: 25-30cm

Cork Bark Tubes have multiple uses and are extremely versatile: they can be a decorative element in terrariums, aquaterrariums and paludariums, a valid den for honey bees and insects, reptiles, an environmental enrichment for mammals and rodents. Cork also represents a perfect support for epiphytic plants orchids and also a simple decorative element for your compositions of all kinds. Our Cork Bark is natural, raw, coming from trees that can even be 30 or 40 years old! Each piece is unique and different from the other.

On Herp Italia we offer Cork Bark in tubes of various diameters and sizes, to meet your every single need.


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