Lampada UVB 2% 23W compatta "Daylight"
  • Lampada UVB 2% 23W compatta "Daylight"

UVB Compact lamp 23w Terra Exotica

  • Terra Exotica 23W compact UVB lamp
  • Suitable for small and medium terrariums and enclosures
  • Available in various percentages of UVB for each species
  • Can also be used for nocturnal reptiles
Percentuale UVB: 2% 23W

Some reptile species, such as chameleons, some geckos, saurians, turtles, snakes and so on, need their terrarium / indoor housing setup to reproduce the natural one also with regard to sunlight. It is therefore necessary to equip oneself with lamps that emit UVA / UVB rays in the correct percentage for a certain number of hours a day.

It is essential that these lamps are not shielded by glass or plexiglass, which blocks the wavelengths of UVB rays preventing proper synthesis of vitamin D3.

The percentage of UV necessary for the different species can be obtained by studying habitats and habits in nature: the species that live in the shade or are used to basking in the early morning or in the evening, will need a degree of UV that is certainly lower than those that do basking in the late morning.

It is important to provide any species with complete shade and shelter, and to place the lamps above the animal's head, not sideways, just like the sun. It would be advisable to install the UVB lamp in one side of the terrarium making sure to have, underneath, supports at different heights (starting from a distance of about 25-30cm) so that the animal can decide at which distance to stay.

The amount of UVB emitted decreases over time: it is recommended to replace these lamps every 6 months. 


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Compact UVB lamp

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