Ready-to-eat food for Collembola
  • Ready-to-eat food for Collembola
  • Ready-to-eat food for Collembola

Ready-to-eat food for Collembola


Springtail Food is a ready-to-eat feed for raising springtails of all species and contains all the ingredients needed to raise them productively.


A recommendation for feeding with Collembolafix is ??the amount of product to use. The quantity varies according to the density of the colony, a starter colony is equivalent to a minimum portion to be administered, a well established colony will need more food and with more frequent administration. In fact, the frequency also varies, which can go from 2 (colony starter) to 4 times a week in extremely numerous colonies. However, a good rule to follow is the following:
Distribute as much powder as the animals can eat within 12 hours.

Composition: Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisae) in inactive form, monostearate emulsifier (E491).

Collembolafix 2 must be kept in a cool and dry place.

Analysis per 100g:
• Nutritional value 300-400kcal
• Proteins 41-59%
• Carbohydrates 35-45%
• Fats 5-9%
• Minerals 4-8%


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Feeder insects
Isopods, Detritivora

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