Revit, vitamins for turtles
  • Revit, vitamins for turtles

Revit, vitamins for turtles


Dajana Revit multivitamin for water turtles 20 ml

  • Enriched with Calcium and Iodine
  • It helps the growth and renewal of the carapace
  • Suitable for animals with weakened immune defences
  • Also suitable as a preventative

It is a vitamin preparation for turtles with added calcium and iodine. It has a positive effect on the general development of the organism, supports the growth and renewal of the carapace. REVIT is a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and carrier substances. The use of REVIT is particularly indicated for animals with weakened immunity, during the period of maximum growth, during the breeding period, under conditions of stress, or as a preventive preparation in feed.


  • 4-8 drops once a week in the feed, depending on the size of the animals. During illness and shortly thereafter, provide them every other day.

Vitamin food can be given immediately after preparation.
Fat-soluble vitamins are converted into a water-soluble form with the help of emulsifiers, and the overall solubility and miscibility is one of a kind!

While this preparation was primarily intended for turtles, we also see favorable responses from reptiles and other terrarium animals.

How to use REVIT:

  • For dripping or spraying on food (on freeze-dried and dried granules, flakes, tablets or other marine or freshwater animals).
  • Kneading it into feed mixtures (for example, with a beef heart base).
  • By injection - for example, injected into thawed marine fish or by subcutaneous injection into small animals, serving as food for large turtles, reptiles and the like.
  • Adding 4-8 drops to the bowl of drinking water and leaving it available to the animal.

Shake before using.

Demineralized water, Multivitamin, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin AD3, Vitamin C, Iodine solution, Dicalcium phosphate.

Veterinary preparation for animals, Not intended for human consumption, keep away from children. Keep at 15-25°, protect from sunlight and frost.

ATTENTION: When handling the product, protect clothing!


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