Heating cable
  • Heating cable
  • Heating cable
  • Heating cable
  • Heating cable

Heating cable

3m, 5m and 8m heating cables:
  • Non-heating portion 85cm c.a.
  • Tip diameter: 7mm
  • Cable diameter: 4mm
  • 3 meters 15W;
  • 5 meters 50W;
  • 8 meters 75W.
Lunghezza: 3 m 15W

Ideal for use under your terrarium or fauna box to heat specific points on the bottom, also perfect for all containers. It is flexible, waterproof and resistant!
Heating cables are an excellent solution for warming animals accustomed to receiving heat from below, hiding the spiral with the loops you need under the terrarium! They are also perfect for hiding behind a background for all arboreal animals to recreate an ideal thermal gradient inside your terraquarium.
It is advisable to prevent the animal from coming into direct contact with the cable, to avoid burns and we recommend the use of an on/off or pulse thermostat, for greater precision and caution.
Excellent for preventing the formation of humidity or condensation on surfaces such as walls, floors, glass or doors, its flexibility and adaptability make them a convenient choice for different needs and applications.
The cables are also excellent for small greenhouses to increase humidity or as protection from frost during the winter for potted plants, palms, exotic plants and even succulents!
Did you know that you can also use the cable outside your reptiles room??? Well yes, you can use it for the production of various drinks such as wine, beer, cider! Furthermore, it is useful for liquefying or melting products such as honey, creams or others, simply by surrounding the container with the cord to maintain the optimal temperature.
Or you can recreate, with the right precautions, underfloor heating for kennels or outdoor houses for animals.

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