Heating mat
  • Heating mat

Heating mat


Infrared heating mats:

  • Ultra flat and thin;
  • Perfect for placing under terrariums or resting on the sides;
  • Uniform heat distribution;
  • They help thermoregulation, important for the metabolism and digestion of reptiles.
  • Power density: 0.3-0.62W/cm2
  • Voltage: 6~250V
  • Durability of over 30,000 hours;
  • Infrared wavelengths: 8~15um;
  • Vertical direction of heat rate: 86%;
  • Infrared conversion rate: 68%.

Size: 28x15cm, 7W

Heating mats provide a safe and balanced, uniform and continuous distribution of heat, and therefore temperature. They are perfect for your pets, from reptiles to amphibians but also for arachnids and insects.
All are ultra-thin, made of graphene and PET plastic, with high heating efficiency.
The mats can be installed under the terrarium or outside on the sides. If you place the mat under your terrarium or fauna box and you have a fossorial animal or one that likes to dig, create a substrate at least 2-3 cm thick so that your pet can dig and choose the amount of heat to receive . It is strongly advised against placing the mat inside your pet or container as it could come into contact with the animal and cause scalds or burns.
The mats are easy to clean and are perfect for reptiles and amphibians in desert and tropical environments, you can use them in your insect breeding or they are perfect for your planted bioterrariums.


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