LumenIZE Link cables
  • LumenIZE Link cables
  • LumenIZE Link cables

LumenIZE Link cables


LumenIZE Link cables are designed to easily connect up to 10 units to a single power source, all units can be controlled from the "LumenIZE" smartphone application which is simple and free.
The cables all measure 120cm and among the most important features we remember:

  • Connect up to 10 units with one power source;
  • Easy expansion without interference;
  • Better cable management;
  • IP65 water resistant;
  • Connection cable for Arcadia LumenIZE enabled devices.
Modello: LED - LED

Adding extra lamps has never been easier! You won't need to search for additional wall outlets as connected devices share power from a single source. Additionally, there will be no disruption to your existing setup as the connecting cables are designed to ensure that the addition of any new lamps does not disrupt or change the program settings of each existing lamp.
Each lamp is controlled via internal memory and is set via the App so that, if necessary, each lamp in a connected chain can have a different operating program.

The cables are water resistant to IP65 (International Protection, 6=Total protection against dust, 5=Protection against moderate water jets) and are suitable for a wide variety of configurations. Choose between:

  • T5 to T5 (VRRARLLC1)
  • T5 to LED (VRRARLLC2)

Using LumenIZE Link cables gives you a convenient and efficient help to connect and control your lighting while keeping your setup, but organized in better cable management.

Note: LumenIZE Link cables are designed for use only with LumenIZE-enabled kits and cannot be used with fixed voltage non-LumenIZE-enabled kits.


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