Pro T5 UVB LumenIZE Kit
  • Pro T5 UVB LumenIZE Kit

Pro T5 UVB LumenIZE Kit


Arcadia Pro T5 LumenIZE ceiling light kit with UVB neon

  • First dimmable T5 UV-B lamp, controlled by app;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Easier lamp replacement;
  • GOODBYE TIMER! Program on and off times from the app;
  • Gradual sunrise and sunset program;
  • IP65 water resistance;
  • Can be connected to each other with the "linking kit" cables that can be purchased separately to have a single power plug;
  • Average energy saving of 30% by dimming on and off;
  • Internal and replaceable memory battery.

And they have as measures:

  • 2.5% kit: L59.5 x D6.1 x H5.9cm;
  • 7% kit: L33.5 x D6.5 x H5.9cm;
  • 24W 6%/12%/14% Kit: L59.5 x D6.1 x H5.9 cm;
  • 39W 6%/12%/14% Kit: L89.5 x D6.1 x H5.9 cm;
  • 54W 6%/12%/14% Kit: L119.5 x D6.1 x H5.9 cm.
Modello: D3+ Desert 12%
Size: 85 cm - 39W

The LumenIZE version of the trusted ProT5 ceiling light has been redesigned with updated electronics, updated reflector angles, increased water resistance with the IP65 standard, complete control via the LumenIZE app and a new lamp change process for easier replacement!

Simply download the LumenIZE APP on your device and approve the Bluetooth search before connecting your lamps: when you turn it on, you will immediately see your new LumenIZE lamp appear on the screen, which you can rename and program as you wish or choose one of the programs standards that already adapt to the majority of situations. And once you have chosen your set-up, you can copy and paste it with a single gesture, extending it to all the lamps you add later!

LumenIZE Pro T5 enabled fixtures do not require the use of any new special lamps. They fit our current T5 Arcadia ShadeDweller, D3 Forest 6%, D3+ Desert 12% and D3+ Dragon 14% UVB neon lights.

Arcadia Pro T5 LumenIZE

Thanks to the new LumenIZE technology you can easily and intuitively program the lighting for your animals, from dawn to dusk. The brand new ProT5 ceiling light with LumenIZE is elegant, effective and offers the possibility of replicating the phases of the day as faithfully as possible via the LumenIZE app, free and easy to use. Provide the UV index your pet needs by easily updating your programming to follow seasonal increases and decreases, making your pets' life cycle more similar to the natural one and with the ability to set a winter slowdown and awakening spring.
Increase animal welfare and save energy! LumenIZE systems can reduce energy expenditure by 30% even just by dimming dawn and dusk (compared to lamps that need to be kept on at 100% of their potential)!

They are water resistant according to the IP65 degree (International Protection, 6=Total protection from dust, 5=Protection against moderate quantity water jets) so the normal use of sprayers, humidifiers and rain systems is possible. However, it is advisable to be careful not to place the nozzles or similar in direct contact with the boom and not to spray directly on the fittings.

By connecting a ProT5 LumenIZE Kit to a Jungle LED LumenIZE bar you can provide and manage extraordinary levels of bioavailable energy for your plants and animals via the app! You will be able to provide light on both the UV and terrestrial visible spectrum, through the simulation of cycles from dawn to dusk, all thanks to complete and totally seamless dimming control via the free and simple LumenIZE app.

Say goodbye to timers: through the app you can program on and off times.

LumenIZE lamps store your programming inside each lamp and remember it thanks to a small interchangeable battery. If a power failure occurs, the memory within each bar is retained. When power is restored, the lamp will resume operating according to its programming. Please note that if a lamp is unplugged and not used for a long time, the battery will continue to work and may become discharged, but can be replaced using the instructions provided.

Furthermore, thanks to the LumenIZE cables you can connect multiple lamps together, both LED and UVB Pro T5 kits, and the app can support up to 50 different lamps per device, each with its own program.

Inside the package you will find the lumenIZE ceiling light, a neon light, an instruction booklet, the power cable with on/off switch (the device can ALSO be used WITHOUT THE APP, at 100% of its power like the classic Pro T5s) and the interlocking supports with screws to connect the ceiling light to the ceiling of your terrarium.

Replacement neons can be ordered separately by choosing from ShadeDweller, D3 Forest 6%, D3+ Desert 12% and D3+ Dragon 14% UVB lamps.


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Fluorescent UVB Lamp

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