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Habistat Reptile Radiator 75w
  • Habistat Reptile Radiator 75w
  • Habistat Reptile Radiator 75w
  • Habistat Reptile Radiator 75w
  • Habistat Reptile Radiator 75w

Habistat Reptile Radiator 75w


Habistat Reptile Radiator - 75w radiant panel

75w radiant panel, for heating terrariums and rooms used for breeding animals.

Dimensions: 210 x 310 x 35mm



The Habistat Reptile Radiator Radiant Panel is a new high power heater designed by Habistat that heats by radiating long infrared waves comparable to those of the sun. This allows for a second 'heating' with shorter waves made up of any objects inside the terrarium: these, heated by the radiant panel according to their density, will in turn emit heat.

It replaces the old 'electric plate', and while maintaining the advantages of the old heater, considerable technical improvements have been added to the radiant panel. If correctly assembled, it does not harm animals, people or accessories: even its hottest surface does not become so hot that it burns immediately.

Do you want extra protection? We recommend that you cover it with its PROTECTIVE GRID (sold separately)!

Its shape means that most of the heat is directed from the lower, radiant face. Furthermore, the protective insulation minimizes the heating of the assembly site located above and allows for significant savings in electricity.

Dimensions: 210 x 310 x 35mm for a heating surface of 650cm3

How to mount the radiant panel?

The best place to fix a radiant panel is the ceiling, possibly towards one end of the terrarium: thus, it can represent both a 'spot' and a bottom heater capable of recreating a thermal gradient.

It must NOT be mounted on the floor, either inside or outside the terrarium.

We recommend using an impulse thermostat to regulate the temperature of the radiant panel.

When switched on for the first time, the radiant panel may emit odors: just leave it on at full power to exhaust its fumes. In any case, any odors are completely harmless to people and animals.



Pannello Radiante ITA

Scarica le istruzioni dell' Habistat Reptile Radiator in Italiano

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