Chilean soft sphagnum moss 50 g
  • Chilean soft sphagnum moss 50 g
  • Chilean soft sphagnum moss 50 g

Chilean soft sphagnum moss 50 g

Natural sphagnum moss, 100% vegetable and biodegradable, 50gr.
Sphagnum moss is a genus of long-fibered moss that grows in peat bogs and marshy areas.
It is collected and dried in Chile, where extensive "eco-compatible" and cutting-edge cultivations allow us to obtain a sterilized product of the highest quality.
This sphagnum moss is particularly voluminous and soft due to its fine structure. Whether as a substrate for egg-laying or as a bed in moist burrows, during hibernation or during transport, the soft, fine material gives the animals a natural and secure feeling. It is naturally rich in tannic acids and humic substances, which prevent the multiplication of bacteria and fungi.

This variety of Sphagnum is the most used in the field of bonsai, carnivorous plants and orchids, as it allows rapid regeneration of cultivation sites. It naturally contains minerals and trace elements which are a source of plant growth. In fact, its main characteristic is high water retention, absorbing up to 10 times its own dry weight. In dry and arid situations, its open cell structure guarantees a water reserve, while in humid or rainy situations, it maintains a high level of oxygenation.
Dried sphagnum moss has excellent insulating power and is in fact recommended in the burrows of fossorial animals and reptiles that require a moist bed ( Eublepharis macularius ). But it is also suitable for mice, rats and hamsters
Another aspect of great interest is the high presence of zinc chelated by tropolene, a natural bactericide/bacteriostatic. This component strongly limits the development of anaerobic bacteria, the main causes of the decay of organic matter, such as the excrements of our friends reptiles, amphibians and small mammals.
The advantages of its use:
• creates a soft hiding place for your animals, after repotting, it creates the ideal conditions for rapid restoration of the root system;
• used throughout the growing season, sphagnum acidifies irrigation water, mitigating the negative effects of limestone. Significantly improves the yield of organic fertilizers and the absorption of iron;
• during the summer period, it allows greater water autonomy in the case of dry climates;
• in the winter period it constitutes an excellent "barrier" to the most intense frosts;
Chilean sphagnum moss is composed of long-fibre moss filaments of the highest quality, the latter representing part of the ideal substrate for the expert grower, also guaranteeing a high aesthetic impact thanks to the uniformity of its colour.
  • Water retention: 2000%;
  • Increase in volume: 1 kg of dry product is equivalent to 20 kg moistened;
  • Resistivity: 10,000 ohm/cm;
  • pH: 4-5;
  • Naturally rich in mineral elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and manganese.
It is a product suitable for:
  • Reptiles, amphibians, mammals and insects;
  • Garden and vegetable patch;
  • Cacti, Carnivorous Plants, Kokedama, Orchids and Bonsai.


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