Expanded clay spheres 2Kg
  • Expanded clay spheres 2Kg
  • Expanded clay spheres 2Kg
  • Expanded clay spheres 2Kg

Expanded clay spheres 2Kg


Clay balls have multiple uses in gardening and are perfect for your bioactive terrariums! The raw material they are made of is clay, the spheres are cooked in an oven at a high temperature (around 1200 degrees), causing the spheres to expand, creating tiny air pockets which lighten the product, giving it porosity. The main features are:

  • They are used to regulate humidity;
  • They serve to regulate the exchange of water with the soil;
  • They serve to improve air circulation;
  • They serve as a drainer;
  • They help against drought.

It is advisable to immerse the balls in water to eliminate all processing residues while also allowing the surface to moisten and retain a little water.
They are excellent to mix into the soil, improving the draining properties of the soil, in fact many plants do not like having their roots constantly in contact with damp soil.
You can also use them for hydroponic cultivation!


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