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Double branching liana, 155cm
  • Double branching liana, 155cm
  • Double branching liana, 155cm

Double branching liana, 155cm

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Liana in polyurethane foam and metal core.

155cm and variable diameter from 3cm to 0.5cm. Each branch measures at least 70cm.


The natural look makes this vine the perfect addition to any terrarium. With its 155cm it is a perfect decoration to insert into chameleon tanks, terrariums, fauna boxes to increase the walking surface of your animals, allowing them to move.
Robust, waterproof and foldable, it is extremely easy to place. It bends to fit your pet's container or terrarium offering more support than traditional vines without a metal core.
Being waterproof, it is ideal for both desert and rain terrariums, you can use it for lizards, chameleons, tree frogs, geckos, snakes, hermit crabs, insects, arachnids and many other species.
It is very versatile and easily mouldable, it is recommended to be careful when splitting the branches, especially the thinner ones, to avoid tearing the polyurethane foam, but even if this were to happen, the functionality of the vine would not be compromised.


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