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  • Jungle Vines ReptiZoo

Jungle Vines ReptiZoo


2m Reptizoo climbing lianas, available in the following sizes:

S : Ø10mm by 2000mm
M : Ø15mm by 2000mm
L : Ø20mm by 2000mm

Diametro: 1cm
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Jungle Vine ReptiZoo are useful and comfortable artificial vines for a perfect addition to any habitat of reptiles and other pets!

Made from durable, non-toxic materials, they feature realistic texture and color. Jungle Vines are a great way to provide your pet with both visual and physical stimulation as well as a way to climb and explore.

These climbing lianas are necessary for animals whose lifestyle is associated with climbing or gliding among the branches of trees.

They are made with a metal structure covered in expanded polyurethane foam which guarantees their durability over time.

They can be bent and twisted to fit your terrarium or habitat!

Perfect for all arboreal reptiles such as chameleons, saurians in general, frogs, geckos and snakes... they are also perfect for enriching the habitat for your sugar gliders or as walkways for the cages of your rats or birds!


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